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The "World Reforestation Foundation" came about some seven years ago and was the culmination of me spending the last 47 years of my life on some kind of development or other and because of seeing the devastation that resulted from the trees being destroyed in the name of development. When I think of the number of trees that were sacrificed for the sake of development, it makes me, shudder.

All I want to see is the forest's healthy again. My wife and I have, and would like to, devote the rest of our lives to the Trees, and their associated environment. We do this in a practical way, looking at the things that will promote the growth of trees, the Waterways and the Coast. To achieve those ends I am presently promoting the Antivap and Eco Bag. Who knows what else I shall uncover with my research. At the moment I am working on a device that prevents bush fires from forming. Although, I appreciate, the re-growth of the forests depends much on the burning off of the bush. However, one has to keep a sense of perspective about these things, it's no good covering things that are impracticable.

We share the world and everything around us. This amounts to everything.If the invertebrates do not survive, the rest of life as we know it would only have three months to live. All the invertebrates are dependant on the trees in one form or another. If we do not look after the trees, who will look after them?For those that have the Eco-system at heart, their aim is to have the Trees growing, the Invertebrates, Animal and Fish pro-creating; each one is dependent on the other. 'We are just drowning ourselves in a sea of our own muck.' Anonymous. This applies to most countries all over the World, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. We are destroying our selves of self-generated waste, of our own making. When you take into account 'manmade' objects, which are currently used as "Landfill" projects, the worlds' surface can never recover as tree bearing land again. Whereas the bio-degradable material, like vegetable matter, including timber, fish meal and even bodies of dead animals will eventually end up as fertilizer."

The one thing that has, apart from the suffering and death of people all over the world from things such as Aids, Cancer and the needless loss of life due to acts of war and terrorism, that has had a great effect on me, is the destruction of the environment, especially the plight of the trees. While numerous "Specialists" are searching for answers to all things, not many except for a bunch of "Greene's", of which I am definitely not one, is doing something about the forest. Unfortunately their efforts are often not practical and lacking in co-ordination, but it is par for the course. Why anybody who has an interest in the environment has to be a "Greenie", "Socialist" or "Communist" or what ever sort's of "ist's", to get their message across, I don't know. I am a Conservative member of the community, why the hell should I need to have my politics shown, when all I need is to have the World Reafforestation Foundation publicised. One needs to get some order somewhere to be of value to the community as a whole.

I have worked for and consulted to various high profile clients in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and USA, and many other countries throughout the Middle East and Africa, so I have a good general knowledge of what's happening. Malawi and Zimbabwe had excellent tree Conservation Act's, but it only operated in the urban areas and only applied to non-indigenous races.

The desertification of the wilderness worldwide is another thing to consider. All the uncontrollable burning of the fossil fuel, the advance of the desert proves a constant threat. Thirty years ago it was already advancing into Zimbabwe (previously Rhodesia) at approximately one kilometre per annum. One can only assume this state exists in other sub-Sahara in desert countries too. I have seen whole villages over come in this way.

Pakistan is the latest place to come with desertification, they have had a three-year drought, and this has left them short of food for the populace. The blame for this comes with the place being denuded of forest, soil erosion and chemical fertilizer, to name a few contributory factors.

The 'Wet Lands' are sustainable by the use of the "Antivap". The existing dams would be equipped with the "Antivap" system. Whereby it will conserve water and so let it feed the down stream, once again rejuvenating the 'Wet Lands' and giving it the chance of survival. One needs some retroaction for the things our predecessors did to the environment. One can not turn back the clock, it is no use dispensing with the dams, we can even start thinking about more dam's, even about the smaller properties, when you think about the evaporation that occurs, but we can rectify the wrongs as far as it is possible.

A case in point and reported recently in Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, we are having a dispute over water and it's salinity. Apart from the politicians, who seem to have a point-scoring scheme going for them, it seems to me that the welfare of the country takes first preference over the politicians, which are only a distant 10th in order of preference, in my own view. Which brings me to the point of the "Antivap". This could go long way to solving your water and salinity problems.

"Global Witness," an N G O, does sterling work amongst these. Cambodia is a case in point. The country will be logged out in 4 years. Exports are through Thailand and Vietnam, and help to gain some aspect of respectability. The logging concessions gain some respectability through being available through the offices of the Prime Minister, Military Units, Khmer Rouge, some legal some ill-legal operations, perhaps it sounds legal to import those logs to places like the Chelsea Flower Show amongst other things. El Salvador suffered an earthquake recently because of degraded state of the soil. The cases are endless! It's about time someone cared.

A group of islands spring to mind, because I recently had some dealings there. Kiribati is a small group of islands about 174 to 177 Degrees east and from one to 3 Degrees South. I heard about this through Radio Deutsche Welle. Apparently, their breadfruit and coconut palms are under threat of devastation, through warming up of the Earth's temperature by 1/2 Degree in the last ten years or so. This is all due to "Green House Gasses" becoming out of control through the burning of fossil fuel. For instance the industrial nations are uncontrollably burning things like coal, coke, petrol and diesel fuel etc, Indonesia and South America are burning off the forest, plus other situations too numerous to mention. A recent report at hand, says that the great storms raging throughout Europe presently, is attributed to the warming of global temperature during the past ten years. Kiribati is only an average of 1.825 meters above sea level, so 375 millimetres is a considerable leap. When you consider all there water comes from artesian wells, it will not take a long time for them to increase in salinity and become unsuitable for drinking water and water for nurturing trees. It stands to reason, that these countries, and other similar groups of islands, do not have long to survive.

I would like you all to support me and to promote me and make sure I get the right agent. For all you need to say it would get a lot of publicity for your, and related causes. All you need to do, is to get my name around the World as the "Champion for All the People That Can Not Communicate" and "World Reforestation Foundation", and the rest will do itself. I believe with a concerted effort, it would be much different from anyone "paddling their own canoe'. I could do with publicity. If you know anyone in Radio,TV or News Media; I could do with an introduction to them, to let them get to know what, "Stem Cell Therapy" and the "World Reforestation Foundation", is all about. What is the use of living, without something left to live for! After all, I need to be playing rugby at the end of this decade. We have the Ex-President of United States on our side; so what more do you want? We could get the people from Brisbane on our side as well. With that, it is a breeze.

If you want to join the "World Reforestation Foundation" and do your "Bit" , the membership fee is $22.00, which includes G. S. T. This also includes the cost of a Badge. Other things are on offer such as Tee Shirts, Baseball Caps etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this; I hope this diatribe exercises some thoughts on your behalf.

A final quotation in ending. "God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things, right now I am so far behind, I will never die."

If you have any questions, I have attempted to anticipate the answer, for any other questions please email. I will need time to compile my answers through my computer, so please be patient with me.

Arthur Thompson

If you are able to assist please contact me.




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