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My Background

I have acted as an independent consultant, on projects of a diverse nature, through many First and Third World countries, and as Principle of the following organizations.: World Reforestation Foundation and Arthur Thompson Associates, Project Managers and Management Consultants. Services provided include Business and Project Planning, Financial Packaging and Whole Project management. Prior to opening my own consultancy I worked for several multi national construction companies in the capacity of Director, International Negotiator and Project Manager on numerous projects, in several countries simultaneously. Consultancy has been provided to various high profile clients in United Kingdom, South Africa, Swaziland, Malawi, Mozambique, Sudan, South Yemen, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Madagascar, Australia and U S A, plus smaller assignments around the World on an on-going basis.

Prior to that I studied at the Douglas High School, the Outward Bound Sea School, two years in the Royal Air Force, Liverpool College of Building, and, I C S. I studied as an Associate of the Institute of Quantity Surveyors. At 26 I became a full time Project Manager, which launched my international career. My Post Qualifications are in Management in Construction, Management for Profit in Construction, Contract Planning & Computers and International Financial Services. I also attended the International Building Research Congress and various other international congresses throughout the years.

My other interests and activities include Travel and Sailing, I have an Offshore Yacht Masters Ticket, I also had a Pilots license, I had my Second Class Diving Certificate, from the British Sub Aqua Club as well. I have a great interest in all things environmentally friendly, although I am not a 'Greenie,' I believe development must go ahead, providing it is sensibly thought out. Like the trees it's no good planting palm trees in tundra, or planting conifers in desert. One must think it out logically.

8 years ago I suffered two strokes, which robbed me of my speech capabilities. I would like to thank my wife for being there, even in my fits of temper, for which I apologize, and for keeping me in the manner I have become used to. I now give my speeches using my laptop computer to "speak" my written notes - albeit in a rather monosyllabic voice. At this stage the software is not made to speak with my dulcet tone and my innuendo, so you will have to exercise some patience. I have to be practical, what I can do and cannot do at the moment is a question of possibility, and not probability. The possibility is endless, look at me, I could not speak French before my stroke, now I cannot speak French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, and numerous other languages as well. However time will tell.

I NEVER GIVE UP! I still have contributions to make. Despite what the doctor had to say, in my presence and in the presence my wifeI, within six months me having had the stroke. He said "He will not speak again". It was only self-aggrandizement to justify his own existence. It is only through the auspices of Dr. Jenny Leathleen and Dr. Kerrin Finch and their Associates and Students that I owe what I am today, plus my wife, Neena, for being there for me whenever I needed her. After four years from the Stroke, I started to suffer from Deteriorated Bone Disorder, especially my spine. This lead to my gums deteriorating, over the course of two years, I had dentures and so I could not speak the words that took me so long to learn. It seemed the last four years had been a waste of time. I was back at "Square One', although I could speak through my 'Speech Simulator'. (The software is 'ReadPlease PLUS [V2] ). I do not quite think that you, or other people understand what its about. When people like Don, Ralph, Nicole and Paul etc, (Members of my therapy group) make you think what they are saying, can you imagine how frustrating it feels. In addition, to all the Speech Therapists, you ought to make it understood to the Layman from the Stroke patient's point of view, what it is about. At least I can make it understood, providing people have the time and patience to listen to me. I am improving all the time with my comprehension and my spelling. The information is very sparse at this moment. I am suremore is becoming available as time goes by

I am a great admirer of Stephen Hawking, the cosmic scientist. He has a technique where thought transfers transmit to speech. I should like to know how that works. That is another of my goals. The research is too difficult at this moment, however it will come to me, given time. Maybe someone who has knowledge of this is listening to me now. As I have mentioned, there are very many inconveniences. For example I do not taste or taste very little in my lips or my tongue, my left eye is constantly watering, and not to mention the trouble I have wiping my butt, dressing myself, fastening buttons, showering, using utensils and writing - to name but a few. I want to explore the possibilities after a stroke.

I would like also, to promote, and to raise money for "Stem Cell Therapy", by means of promoting Rod Laver, (Stroke), Michael J Fox Jr., (Parkinson's Disease), Christopher Rieves (Paraplegic), and who ever wants to promote making a cure available to those affected by brain damage. Those who have never experienced at all, what it is like, do not have the qualities to sit in judgement of the condition, especially with my loss of speech, this is very close to my heart.

It is a question of seeing whether the glass is half full or half empty. To me it will be at least half full all of the time. The worst thing is being treated as if you where not there, one of my acquaintances makes a show of being pleased to see me, when I know he is not, and he can not wait for someone to arrive to take some pressure of himself. At one stage he turned his back to me and carried on a conversation with a woman that he just met at that moment, rather than be caught speaking to me. I would rather he treated me like a normal human being than an oddity. Still it takes all types to make the World, and one has to be tolerant. You have always to set goals, it is no good saying I have to do to this or that, you have to write it down, and read it to your self to keep reminded of it by reading it daily. I have set a goal to turn our personal liability around. In other words, to make the World Reforestation Foundation viable, so that it will function as a profitable concern.

It has been eight years and look what I have achieved. For the last seven years I have been able to drive again, I have got used to wearing no socks, so that does not trouble me any more, I enjoy a social life which by any standards is acceptable, mainly due to my wife, also I have learnt to sail again through "SailAbility". I have set a goal of owning a sailing boat on behalf of the World Reforestation Foundation, which is underway. I am not there yet, but I am getting there.

At Present I am the Founder and Patron of the "World Reforestation Foundation", which means I can spend all my time to achieve my objectives in this regard. This is a quote from Ayn Rand, the author of "Atlas Shrugged."
"I swear by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine".
This is the creed I have all ways lived to in the past, so why must I change it? I would recommend anyone to live by this, and then all else becomes a bonus. While wanting to retain the position of "Whole Project Manager", I must also be realistic. I really only can take a position of photographer or artist, as that is all that I can do now. I will establish some additional projects as they become available. There seems only three immediately, but more will come to mind as I apply my thoughts to them.

The purpose of this Foundation is twofold. Firstly, it means I can be gainfully employed again. Secondly, my contribution could be worthwhile to society. A contribution would be made to the World Reforestation Foundation of the funds arising from various activities provided. I still believe in myself. My brain is as good as ever, (I had an I Q of 159). However, I have trouble articulating my thoughts to actions occasionally. I have numerous possibilities of bringing about my dreams. I could just retire, but that would not be my nature. I would like to promote the "WRF" not just throughout Queensland but internationally as well.

I would need a boat, this could be a weekender or a live aboard boat and a Four Wheel Drive, in order to personally travel to promote this cause. I would need some backing, particularly in regards to the Antivap.

If you are able to assist please contact me.

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