~Imagine an Environmentally Friendly World~

                   Is Man doing the right thing by Earth?


There are many environmental issues that need addressing ASAP
…Lets not sit on our hands and wait for some magic cure!

1) Salinity
2) Lack of water
3) Poor storage facilities for water
4) The burning of fossil and timber indiscriminately throughout the World
5) Plus numerous other circumstances.

The World Reforestation Foundation (WRF) is constantly looking for practical solutions to assist in rectifying…much needed Global solutions to this ongoing catastrophic saga.

Just to purposely bring about some reforestation, of that land which has been reverted to desert, would be an achievement.

To easy the pain a little…WRF promotes products that will solve some of these environmental problems.

WRF is currently in the closing stages of a product development breakthrough, which will significantly reduce water-evaporation from Swimming pools, Dams, controlled fishery operations and water catchment reservoirs in general

Our Contribution to World Environment

ANTIVAP is a water saving device…Yes we have become water-smart. At long last there is a failsafe solution for preventing the loss of our precious water by evaporation. It has been a long-time coming and will be released in early 2007.

The A-VAP will be sold as a DIY application with simple and easy to follow installation instructions or it can be installed by a certified installation franchise. Either way, the A-VAP is an affordable guaranteed process.

Ever-increasing awareness is being depicted throughout various media campaigns on the dam levels rapidly subsiding through all Australian states. There are many reasons for this including increased consumption (population) and reduced rains in the catchment areas.

Much water is also lost due to evaporation. The rate of evaporation varies between 1.5 - 3 Meters per annum, in tropical and even temperate areas. This results in high salinity in the water and that in turn accounts for the lack of productivity of the nearby soil.

There is an old saying, if you have a problem…don’t cover it up. However, the ‘WRF’ team begs the-differ in this case! Now is the right time…while our dam waters are at their lowest levels there is only one solution to save this precious water…cover them up with A-VAP.

This amazing water saving device not only allows aquatic life to continue to get the oxygen it needs, it significantly reduces evaporation loss from YOUR water source.

This product has widespread appeal to local government and councils, as well as:

(Growers of Trees)
Orchardist's (Growers of Fruit)
Pastoralist’s (Growers of Livestock)
Horticulturist’s (Growers of all manner of things)

A-VAP…the anti-evaporation product system will be available throughout all states by accredited retail and installation outlets upon the televised launch of the product.

You will be able to cover-it-up soon…just keep checking our news & events for updates.

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