The WRF is "apolitical". We are forming a syndicate for the sponsorship of a boat to undertake a circumnavigation of Australia and its adjoining islands, with a view to:

      • promoting the World Reforestation Foundation (WRF) and its objectives
      • promoting the Stroke Association
      • promoting Stem Cell Research

The Boat would be a sailing boat, with accommodation for 7 + Skipper on board. It would undertake the circumnavigation from Brisbane. A wooden boat would be a preferred option to other alternatives. You must consider the fuel that goes into creating some of the alternatives. Contrary, as opposed to popular belief, wooden boats in great condition are easy to upkeep.

The sponsors for the Boat would be of two types:
1.) They could become a MAJOR SPONSOR by contributing to the cost the Boat, giving all the signage rights and all rights to our WRF Logo on their stationary.
2.) They could become MINOR SPONSOR by sponsoring people to come on board during a trip, ( for a period of time - being up the sponsors). The cost per day, is yet to be established. This will give all rights to WRF Logo on their stationary.

A third person comes in to the equation, which is Private individual who wishes to make his/her contribution available to the WRF. It depends what the licensed facilities are with regards to private people. Insurance will have to be taken whatever. For the project to be viable, we need to make the Boat self-sufficient and pay all the expenses.

I would still make my speeches to the interested parties, even going up-country to get my message across. The Antivap and Eco Bag, would be very well received in many areas. When the weather is unsuitable to voyage by sea, we will be going into the "Outback" to get the message to the farmers and pastoralists. Outback journeys would also require sponsorship and extra people to assist.

I have prepared speeches on topics such as the world shortage of water and life after a stoke. Any persons or organizations requiring a ‘Key Note’ speaker on either or both, should contact me.

Arthur Thompson

If you are able to assist please contact me.


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