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Read my speech last given to the Cleveland PROBUS Club, September 2005.

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Arthur Plans to tackle the High Seas


Future Projects

We are currently developing a range of projects that are specifically targeted at bush fires. What this means to the household market, goes without saying.

A wise man once said, "The really nice thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by long periods of worry and depression". I always plan things that happen to me, some with drastic results, some others with spectacular results. Mostly they have been normal, but they have been my responsibility, with the exception of my stroke, which was completely unplanned. Apart from that, I intend to plan things well in advance, which is why I am making a request for sponsorship at this stage.
I hope you will give it some thought. It could be good for your company and for our causes. There is a group of companies called 'Viridian,' who experiment with bio-remediation, where they use microbes for the disposals of toxic metals especially, Zinc, Mercury, Arsenic etc. The universities of Birmingham and Dundee are working on it as well. I can see someone coordinating a similar organization, such as this, perhaps a researcher, working in the field of, "Green House Gasses" and "Detoxified Water", to ensure the future of the Trees.

For those that have the Eco-system at heart, their aim is to have the Trees growing, the Invertebrates, Animal and Fish pro-creating; each one is dependent on the other. It has been expressed, if the invertebrates do not survive, the rest of life as we know it would only have three months to live, all the invertebrates are dependants on the trees in one form or another.


It is our intention to form a Syndicate for the Sponsorship of a Boat to undertake a Circumnavigation of Australia, and its adjoining islands, with a view to promote the World Reforestation Foundation (WRF) and The Stroke Association. (THE TRIP WOULD TAKE TWO + YEARS)

Its objectives: To have the forests re-generated, with positive associated benefits throughout the World
. The WRF is "Apolitical".
. A wooden boat would be the preferred option to the other alternatives. Contrary to popular belief, wooden boats, so long as they're in excellent condition, are easier on upkeep.
. The Boat would be a sailing boat, with accommodation for 6 (2 permanent and 4 casual) on board. It would undertake the circumnavigation from Brisbane.
. You could become a MAJOR SPONSOR. For relatively little money (Which brings all the signage rights and all rights to the WRF and the Stroke Association logo on their stationary.)

I am looking for like-minded people to make a contribution to reforestation of the worlds forests, and so make it practical, to increase water yield from the natural water supply, and the dams. With this in mind, I am looking to have a consortium, of people whose objectives and aims are, to serve the purpose of the World Reforestation Foundation. The sales of "Antivap" and "Eco Bag" would service the running of the Boat.

I had a Stroke some eight years ago, which left me unable to speak. I have a sound card, which enables me to speak through my computer, and so lets me get my message across. The content of the speech would be dictated by the audience of that day. Speeches to be given by me to Universities and other Educational Facilities, Sailing Club's and Service Club's etc.

Enquire today and see the value you get for your contribution. Details of circumnavigation are available on request.

Arthur Thompson Trustee for the World Reforestation Foundation

If you are able to assist please contact me.


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